[RECAP] AB6IX Takes ABNEW on A Journey to ‘THE FUTURE’ at Jersey City

Cr. Angela L.

The year 2023 has granted K-Pop quartet AB6IX plenty of opportunities to meet their overseas fans. Within a year of their 2022 U.S. fanmeeting tour, the group participated in the Krazy K-Pop Super Concert, KBS Music Bank in Mexico, and spent a day filled with fun activities at hello82LA’s PLAY82 WITH AB6IX. The festivities don’t stop there as AB6IX is now back on the road for their 2023 WORLD TOUR [THE FUTURE], consisting of six cities in the U.S. The tour’s name serves as a testament to AB6IX’s wish to journey alongside ABNEW into the future. 

On November 5, hundreds of ABNEW (their fandom name) flocked to White Eagle Hall in Jersey City to welcome members Woong, Donghyun, Woojin, and Daehwi. There were a handful of attendees who traveled from neighboring cities New York, Philadelphia, and even as far as D.C. Unlike their previous fanmeeting tour which was focused more on fan interactions, AB6IX will now have a chance to showcase more of their talents through this tour.

Cr. Angela L.

The crowd started singing along to “THE ANSWER” as a warmup before the show started. As the lights dimmed, the four members made their grand entrance. They dived right into “Resonance” and “LOSER” with the catchy beats bringing in passionate cheers. It was their first concert in New Jersey and the members expressed how they worked hard to deliver their 100% performance.

Their setlist was a compilation of hits ranging from upbeat, fun tracks to ballads. During “THE ANSWER,” the members lifted up Woong as part of the choreography which they later mentioned they didn’t lift him that high this time due to safety precautions. Daehwi spoke about how it was their 4th year anniversary and the fans cheered for many more years to come.

One of the tracks they performed was “Complicated,” a song written and composed by their sunbae (senior) MONSTA X’s Hyungwon. The group took a moment to reflect on how they strived to be great seniors to all the newer artists in the industry. The screams they received were so loud that Woojin joked that he was getting a headache from them.

Woojin proceeded to mention that they have prepared to show different versions of themselves from cute to sexy. On that note, the members decided to have a cute and sexy segment. Daehwi went up first and sang and danced to a snippet of his solo song “ROSE, SCENT, KISS.” Woojin flaunted some aegyo but instantly looked embarrassed after doing that. Woong danced to the AB6IX song “SUNSET” while Donghyun followed along with some aegyo of his own.

It was safe to say that that segment received a rowdy response and even the members couldn’t stop laughing. They took a moment to collect their emotions for the next two songs which happened to be sad ballads. On a funny note, Daehwi spoke about how at their Chicago show, they couldn’t stop laughing while performing those ballads after their cute and sexy segment.

It was then time for AB6IX to show a softer, emotional side. The group brought out their harmonious vocals in “NOTHING WITHOUT YOU” and “A LONG WINTER” as the crowd swayed along. Donghyun and Daehwi still ended up giggling but nevertheless delivered a breathtaking performance. Up until now, Woojin has been displaying his rap skills but his singing really shined during the ballads.

AB6IX turned the heat back up with the track “SAVIOR” as ABNEW shouted the fan chants in unison. More chants for an encore continued as the group returned for “RED UP” while the red “6” logos from all the lightsticks glowed to match the vibe of the song. To show their support, fans held up banners during the encore stage.

AB6IX received lots of love that night including endless barking to which Daehwi hilariously gave a barking lesson, “You have to use your belly for that because using your throat is bad for your vocal cords.” The members proceeded to take a group photo with a New Jersey flag signed by ABNEW. After expressing their thanks, the members wrapped it up with “1,2,3” and urged everyone in the room to dance along.

All in all, AB6IX brought a remarkable performance to New Jersey. It was a show where they displayed their talents that left everyone smiling with awe. The tour is halfway done but we wish them more fruitful achievements coming soon!


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