[RECAP] JUST B Heats Up Denver ‘With You’

Cr. Dakota S.

After kicking off their 2024 ‘Just Be With You’ North and South America Tour earlier in the month, JUST B made a stop in the still wintry Denver, CO, to bring the heat to Summit Music Hall on March 26th. With their tour more than halfway over the fans, called Only Bs, were excited to catch Just B in concert before their final shows. 

Only Bs lined the block waiting for doors to open, sporting JUST B light sticks and their best concert fits. JUST B music videos and VCRs played on the screen as fans filled the venue and waited in anticipation for the show to begin. 

Denver’s Summit Music Hall suddenly went dark. Cheers exploded from Only Bs as the members appeared from the shadows onto the stage. The shadowy figures of members, Jimin, Sangwoo, JM, Bain, Geonu, and DY lined up and, once the stage lights flicked on, set off into their intricate and precise choreography for their first song of the night, “Get Away from their 2021 EP, JUST BURN. The members perfectly executed their musical and choreographic cues while they asserted their stage presence and flourished under the red and orange lights. The members moved like cogs in a clock working together, displaying the moods and aesthetics of their songs while they meticulously weaved around one another. They fully delivered the much-awaited performance to their Denver Only Bs who waited all day to bear witness. 

After the electrifying intro of their synchronized and immersive performance, JUST B members introduced themselves one by one thanking Denver fans for their support and for coming to their show. Members smiled and waved to their fans with adoration as they asked the crowd if they were excited to be there. This was responded to with howls and barks from fans which made the members laugh. JUST B  went on to perform more fan favorites such as, “RE=LOAD” and “Make It New from their 2022 EP JUST BEGUN along with “DAMAGE,” also from JUST BURN. In between sets, members took time to talk to the crowd and asked them questions like “What’s your favorite song?,” which led to audience members shouting answers such as, “Tick Tock,” “MEDUSA,” and “ME= (NANUEN).” 

JUST B members then moved into performing various full group “stages,” or dance covers of hit songs such as Guilty by Taemin, Don’t Go Insane by DPR Ian, and Water by Tyla. Fans swooned as the members executed Taemin’s and DPR lan’s iconic dance moves, and a playful Bain improvised by pouring water on himself during “Water,” drawing more screams from the audience. These stages fired up Only Bs even more and made them eager for the solo stages that followed. DY performed an elegant and theatrical dance cover of Wonder by Shawn Mendes. DY danced around fluidly and passionately like water. Bain performed a cover of Unholy,” by Sam Smith, on a spookily lit stage with red lights that complimented the song and rendered a sinister and seductive atmosphere. Jimin performed the popular and also seductive Sooram Choreography of DPR Ian’s “Don’t Go Insane” seen on TikTok sending fans into hysteria. Fans were mesmerized by Jimin’s vibrant dance movements. When members returned to the stage they asked the crowd if they enjoyed the solo stage which was answered with a roar or cheers and applause. 

JUST B had one more stage prepared for Only Bs — a group performance of Perfect by One Direction with the crowd singing along to every word. The members then moved into some slower songs such as “Coming Home,” from their 2023 album ÷(NANUGI), and “Lights On,” from JUST BEGUN. Following the more somber sets, JUST B took a moment to express their sincere appreciation and gratitude to Denver Only Bs for coming to their concert. DY shared “This America tour will be a very good memory for me. Thank you Denver, I love you,” while Geonu stated, “I will cherish this moment for a very long time.” Each member conveyed their love for Denver B’s as they set up for their next performance of “ME= (NANUEN)” from their 2022 EP, = (NEUN) followed by their brand new song “Daddy’s Girl” where members performed like punk rock frontmen, headbanging, leaning on their mic stands, stomping and clapping along to their upbeat and catchy lyrics.

Cr. Dakota S.

JUST B then waved goodbye to their fans, sending finger hearts to the crowd. The lights dimmed as the members exited the stage followed by affirmations and cheers from fans. After a few moments passed in the dark venue the lights suddenly came on again as the members reentered the stage for an encore accompanied by Only B applause and excitement. JUST B delivered once again to their Denver Only Bs. As they performed their final two songs, “Youth and “Paper Plane,” euphoric and joyful energy filled the venue as fans danced and sang along while interacting with the members from the edge of the stage. The atmosphere turned sentimental and heartfelt as JUST B members and fans both were sad to have the night end. JUST B thanked their fans once again and waived a final goodbye as the stage lights dimmed for the last time. 

JUST B’s 2024 tour is quickly coming to an end but the memories created and the energy sparked will continue to resonate long after their final tour stops. Be sure to follow along and keep up to date on JUST B’s music and future tours they may have, and let us know what your favorite JUST B song is in the comments.


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