[RECAP] CIX Asks FIX to Stay Forever at ‘0 or 1’ Tour in Los Angeles

Cr. Ericka P.

On Sunday, May 26, the five-member K-Pop boy group CIX took Los Angeles by storm in the eighth and final stop of their 3rd Tour <0 or 1> in North America tour. CIX reunited with Los Angeles FIX, the official fandom name, at the intimate downtown venue, The Novo, a year and two months after the conclusion of their previous world tour.

CIX debuted in 2019 under C9 Entertainment with members BX, SEUNGHUN, BAEJINYOUNG, YONGHEE, and HYUNSUK. The group immediately earned praise for their sophisticated skills and successfully showed the upgraded sides of members already well-known to the public. Before debuting with CIX, BAEJINYOUNG was part of the successful project group Wanna One created on “Produce 101 Season 2,” and SEUNGHUN and BX both competed on “YG Treasure Box,” with the latter also appearing on “Mix Nine.”

Cr. Ericka P.

The quintet’s third world tour receives its name from their 1st single album, 0 or 1, released earlier this year in January. “0 or 1” is the common number way to represent a Boolean expression, where there is only one of two possible values: 1 for true and 0 for false. Through the theme of technology and artificial intelligence (AI), the boys convey how in their world, there are only two options—stay with me forever or face the tragedies and become my enemy. 

Fitting with the theme, an AI program was activated in the glitchy, dystopian-like opening VCR. CIX then entered the stage and kicked off the show with the energetic “Move My Body.” After the intense opening stage, the boys slowed it down with vibey “Change Me” with lots of fan service. 

The members introduced themselves to the crowd and expressed their delight in being back in Los Angeles after more than a year. As Los Angeles was the last stop, they shared their wishes to conclude this tour safely and have fun all the way until the end. They then performed the songs “BAD DREAM” and “Save me, Kill me,” both from their ‘OK’ series that focuses on themes of youth, sin, salvation, and breakthroughs. 

Although FIX likes all of CIX’s songs, BX could tell that FIX especially liked those two previous songs, which made the intensive performances less tiring. YONGHEE, HYUNSUK, and BX took off their white sequinned jackets because it was so hot. SEUNGHUN then asked BX if he would take his top off if it got hotter. BX cheekily replied that it was a possibility, making fans scream in disbelief. After chatting about some typical Los Angeles activities like eating at BCD Tofu House, BX reassured the fans that they tried their best to include songs that FIX would like, and whatever songs they were not able to include, they would make sure to include them next time.

The next stage was “What You Wanted,” where the members unleashed their sexy sides with floor choreography and danced the final part right at the edge of the stage, putting in their all for the thrusts and body waves.

After they exited the stage, a spring-themed VCR showed the boys in a fantasy-themed garden, posing with beautiful, vivid flowers to the tune of “Colors.” In this next section of the night, each person performed a solo stage covering English pop songs. HYUNSUK sat center stage on a stool with a mic stand for a slowed-down remix of  “ILYSB” by LANY. Fans even sang along to the chorus and added their own fan chants. BX performed the fun, trendy “Left to Right” by Marteen and made full use of the whole stage to connect with fans. YONGHEEE showed off his sweet vocals in “Angel Baby” by Troye Sivan. BAEJINYOUNG covered “Seven (feat Latto) (Clean Ver.)” by Jung Kook, with BX’s help to cover the rap verse. For the final solo stage, SEUNGHUN impressed fans with his high notes in his cover of “Youngblood” by 5 Seconds of Summer. To end the song, he dramatically threw down his mic stand and earned barks from the crowd.

All the members returned to the stage and took turns explaining their solo stage choices. SEUNGHUN shared he was going to perform a different song, “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys up until the rehearsal but changed so last minute that even his outfit was still for his previous song choice.

As a whole group again, CIX treated fans with a medley of the fan-favorite B-side tracks “Switch It Up,” “LOST,” and “Imagine,” and finished it off with the summery, upbeat “WAVE.”

It was now the halfway point of the show, marked by a VCR of the boys in a debate segment with YONGHEE as the host. In the 10-minute tour-exclusive video content, the members showed off their wits and chemistry as they discussed the topic of “AI vs Humans.”

Cr. Ericka P.

Reemerging in suave black and gray suits, the group performed their debut single “Movie Star” with an extended dance break followed by their most recent comeback, “Lovers and Enemies.”

The members were so touched that FIX even danced along to “Movie Star” and always sang along to their songs. HYUNSUK also shared the realization that FIX have been with CIX for a long time already after performing their oldest and newest title track back to back.

Cr. Ericka P.

YONGHEE hinted at the next song by doing a one-handed driving motion, alluding to the chorus hand gesture in “458.” After completing the performance of the very dance-heavy “458,” the members were all breathing heavily but claimed they were not tired because their fans sang along with them.

Marking the end of the show, the members shared their gratitude and thoughts on being back in Los Angeles. BAEJINYOUNG credited the love they received on the last tour as the reason why CIX was able to return. So based on this tour, he thinks they should be able to return again! BX took a poll of who were returning concert attendees and who were first-timers. He promised to return and asked FIX to promise to come back as well. Connecting back to the “0 or 1” theme, BAEJINYOUNG asked FIX if they were going to be with them forever to which fans heartily and readily agreed. Unfortunately, it was time for the last songs but BX hinted if fans cheered for them, they might come right back on.

With just their voices and mic stands, the boys closed out the regular portion of the show with the soothing, sentimental song “Here For You” followed by the emotional and powerful ‘“Drown in Luv.”

The lights black out but shortly, a VCR plays of YONGHEE pensively sitting in a chair as the instrumental of “Here For You” builds up and then suddenly halts. The instrumental of “Lovers and Enemies” then played as a video showed the various members tied up with ropes in chairs, glitching as if they were part of an AI simulation. The ropes come off and CIX stands united.

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CIX officially began their encore stage with the refreshing, catchy “Cinema.” After photo time, SEUNGHUN was clearly a little excited and unsuccessfully tried to encourage the members to take off his clothes for the fans. For their last words, the members took the time to thank their staff and wished for everyone to stay healthy. Even though they promised to return, the boys can’t help but still feel sad about parting ways so soon. To lighten the moon, BAEJINYOUNG adorably told fans “Ok, don’t worry!” and sang “Ok, bye!” in the tune of “Do you want to build a snowman?” from Frozen. For the final two encore songs, they performed the sweet “The One” where they tried to point at almost every fan in the crowd, and ended with the uplifting “Color.

Even after five years, CIX continues to experiment and produce music that pushes their limits as artists. There is no doubt that CIX will be back again soon to be with international FIX!


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