Big Hit Entertainment Confirm Condom in BTS Picture

Nov 15, 2014 0


It looked like an ordinary picture from BTS’ Jin in the group’s dorm. But an eagle eyed fan spotted a condom in the background of the image.

Today BTS’ agency Big Hit Entertainment spoke out about the picture.

Big Hit Entertainment said to media, “It is correct, the objects in the pictures are condoms. They were part of numerous presents from fans that the group received.”

In case you missed the condom in the picture then we’ve highlighted it in red below.

Jin from BTS

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[GALLERY] KCON 2014 Red Carpet Event

Aug 17, 2014 0

KCON 2014 was filled with two days of ‘All Things Hallyu’ including some of Korea’s best groups and actors.  Check out our coverage of Day 2’s star-studded red carpet event!

Eric Nam

Lee Seung Gi

BTS (Bangtan Boys)

Lee Seo Jin

Jung Joon Young



Girls’ Generation

KCON 2014 Coverage:

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[EXCLUSIVE] Korean Celebs Attend KCON 2014 Red Carpet Event 

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[EXCLUSIVE] Korean Celebs Attend KCON 2014 Red Carpet Event

Aug 17, 2014 0

Red Carpet - Eric Nam

Just hours until show time, Korea’s hottest actors and singers came out to meet the fans on the KCON red carpet event. Singer Eric Nam turned on the charm as he served as the English translator for the artists.

Red Carpet - Lee Seung Gi

First up on the red carpet was actor-singer Lee Seungi.  He shared that he is currently working on an upcoming romantic comedy drama where he will be playing the role of an elementary school teacher, quite a contrast from his chic role as detective Eun Daegu/Kim Jiyoung in his most recent drama, You’re All Surrounded.  He also announced that he is working on his next album that he hopes will be released sometime next year.

Red Carpet - BTS

Next up was the bulletproof boys BTS!  They were upbeat and lively as ever as they took to the stage.  The guys went down the line and showcased their English skills with “Dope!” “What’s poppin’?” “Turn Up!” and “L.A.’s so beautiful!” and so forth, creating a plethora of fangirl screams.  BTS’ leader Rap Monster then took time to rile up the fans with their upcoming first full-length album Dark & Wild, “We’ve been working so hard so it’ll be amazing. So please look forward to it!” The music video for the album’s title track, “Danger” was filmed while the group spent a couple weeks in L.A. where they immersed themselves in the hip-hop culture for their newest reality show, American Hustle Life.

Red Carpet - Lee Seo Jin

Actor Lee Seojin from the hit variety show Grandpa Over Flowers followed after.  He shared that he had just wrapped up filming for his latest drama Wonderful Days and currently has no projects planned in the new future.  After KCON he stated that he will be taking a bit of time to relax and enjoy the L.A. lifestyle with his friends.

Red Carpet - Jung Joon Young

A somewhat drowsy Jung Joon Young then took to the stage.  The rocker charmed fans with his tired yet adorable state as he responded to many of Eric’s questions with “I’m very sleepy.”  Having been raised outside of Korea for most of his life, he was able to easily communicate with the audience in English, “It was really hot today. But now it’s fine right? Have fun tonight.  Before taking his leave, he shared that he has a surprise collaboration planned for his performance later that night.  Who could it be?

Red Carpet - SPICA

The lovely ladies of SPICA arrived on the red carpet decked out in eye-catching outfits!  The quintent have been kept busy in the U.S. with the release of their first U.S. single “I Did It” only days prior to KCON.  The girls revealed that they had worked diligently for four straight days to create this single and are continuing to work on their English pronunciation.  The group also announced that they are currently working on their Korean comeback due in few months, but could not divulge any details.  So, stay tuned!

Red Carpet - CNBLUE

K-Pop’s resident rock band CNBLUE were up next and Yonghwa showed brushed up on his English as he greeted the fans, “I’m very happy to visit here. We love L.A.! Thank you so much!”  The lead singer then talked about how he is preparing for his upcoming historical drama and is growing out his hair for the role.  Jungshin shared that he is currently filming for an SBS drama called Temptation while Minhyuk and Jonghyun are diligently working on music for their upcoming album that will be released sometime next year.

Red Carpet - SNSD

Wrapping up the red carpet event was none other than Girls’ Generation!  Unfortunately, Sooyoung was unable to attend KCON due to her filming for her upcoming drama, My Spring Days.  Nonetheless, the eight remaining members were all smiles as they were happy to see their American fans once again, “It’s so nice to meet our L.A. fans once again,” said Tiffany, “we missed you so much!”  As for their comebacks, the girls announced that each will be working on their own thing such as Jessica and her newly launched fashion line, BLANC.  Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun are currently preparing for their Tatiseo comeback while Yoona announced that she has just been casted as the lead role of Annie in an upcoming movie called Goodbye Annie.  SONEs will have a lot to look forward to this coming year!

KCON 2014 Coverage:

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[GALLERY] KCON 2014 Red Carpet Event





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BTS Release Second Teaser for “Danger”

Aug 13, 2014 0

BTS Danger Teaser

BTS have released their second teaser for comeback track “Danger”.

BTS are due to make their comeback this month having already released a group image teaser and now two music video teasers for “Danger”.

The boys will be making their comeback with their first full length album, “Dark & Wild” on August 20.

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BTS, Girls’ Generation, G-Dragon, IU Arrive in L.A For KCON 2014

Aug 10, 2014 0

Yoona, Seohyun, Taeyeon, Yuri (GG) LAX Arrival - KCON Experience 2014
Kpop’s biggest festival of the year, KCON, has finally arrived in Los Angeles this weekend as some of the biggest names in the industry perform their hits in front of thousands of fans.

The stars were greeted at the airport as Girls Generation, BTS, G-Dragon and IU arrived at the airport.

Girls Generations Yoona, Seohyun, Taeyeon and Yuri arrive at LAX:

G-Dragon arrives at LAX:

IU arrives at LAX:

VIXX arrives in LAX:

BTS arrives in LAX:

B1A4 arrive in LAX:

Check back for more coverage on the KCON 2014 festival.

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BTS to hold first solo concert in October

Aug 8, 2014 0

Following the release of their ‘What Am I To You’ video teaser released on Aug 5, the BTS members are back with the concept photos for their new album Dark & Wild.

Earlier today (Aug 8), the first round of concept photos was released on the group’s official Facebook page, even as the seven members are seen posing in dark-coloured leather outfits.


Dark & Wild will mark the group’s first official album, and is currently scheduled for release on Aug 20.

In other news, BTS has also been announced to be launching their first solo concert on Oct 18 and 19, in AX Korea, Kwangjang-dong. Though the details of the concert have yet to be confirmed, the two-day concert is expected to be a highly-anticipated event for fans worldwide.

In the meantime, check out the video trailer for Dark & Wild below:

Photo credit: Mnet

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BTS Wants to Know “What Am I To You?” in Their Comeback Trailer

Aug 5, 2014 0



Hip-hop group BTS has been working diligently on their upcoming ‘DARK AND WILD’ album and their newly released comeback trailer shows it!

Like their previous trailers, the ‘DARK AND WILD’ trailer showcased colorful and dark graphics in-line with the lyrics. Rap Monster lived up to his nickname as he showcased his impeccable raps as he expressed the bliss of a new relationship. However, the lyrics turn dark and bitter as he raps about the pain of a man who is trying to save a now crumbling, one-sided relationship.

BTS’s first full-length album ‘DARK AND WILD’ will be released on August 20, stay tuned!


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BTS Start Counting Down to Their Comeback

Jul 29, 2014 0

Boy group BTS have started their countdown to their long awaited comeback.

They started stirring up the fans with the tweet, “You’re in danger. BTS is back.”

BTS also released the first image of Jimin.

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Jun 8, 2014 0


In the past 2 years, KCON has brought opportunities for fans to meet, mingle, and be mesmerized by food, idols, and entertainment for one lucky weekend out of the year. This year, KCON’14 will be a whole weekend affair, consisting of not one, but two nights of concerts. “For two days, Downtown Los Angeles becomes the capital of Korean pop culture in North America and we are thrilled to be able to bring that ultimate experience to fans year in and year out,” said Sang Cho, president and CEO of Mnet America. “We are excited by every expansion that KCON makes as we push our convention to new heights.”

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KCON Announces Girls’ Generation and BTS for KCON 2014

May 22, 2014 0



After continuously hinting about this year’s amazing line-up, KCON revealed K-Pop queens Girls’ Generation and “Rookie-dols” (rookie idols) BTS as the first batch of confirmed artists!

The sudden and unexpected announcement caused quite a stir on all social media platforms as Sones and A.R.M.Ys went ballistic.  North America’s largest “All Things Hallyu” convention is still three months away but fans from all over the country (and even outside the US) are already counting down to Aug. 9-10.

Check out KCON 2014’s first official trailer with the two groups!


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BTS Reveal ‘Boy In Luv’ Music Video

Feb 11, 2014 0

BTS School Luv Affair

BTS are rearing to go for their comeback, having earlier released the full music video for ‘Boy In Luv’, title track for their 2nd mini album ‘Skool Luv Affair’. Make sure to watch the video below:


The video follows the boys as they all pursue the same new girl at school. Despite the boys’ fierce and powerful image, they are all unable to resist the female lead’s charms as they individually make their confessions with a red rose.

With this return, the group’s vocal and dance abilities also shine throughout the music video, with the execution of amazingly sharp choreography as well as their charismatic rapping.

How did you find BTS’ new music video?




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BTS Reveal “School Luv Affair” Individual Teasers

Feb 4, 2014 0

BTS have released individual teasers for their upcoming mini-album “School Luv Affair”. The solo teaser follow the group teaser that was release earlier on.

The teasers were released by Big Hit Entertainment for all the members: Jong Kook Jin, Jimin J-Hope, Rap Monster V and Suga.

BTS are planning to make their comeback with “Skool Luv Affair” on February 12, with at least a music video teaser to be released before then.

Check out the teasers below!








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BTS Retaliates in “N.O” MV

Sep 11, 2013 0

bts - n.o 2

BTS has finally made their comeback with the release of the full music video for “N.O“.

In the music video, the boys are depicted as students being “brainwashed” by the education system.  No longer able to take it, BTS rebels against the dictator-like teacher and takes over the classroom. Like it suggests, “N.O” encourages people (particularly the youth) to break free from the dictations of others and society and express their own individuality.

Bangtan Boys will be making their long-awaited comeback today along with the release of their much anticipated mini-album, O! RUL8, 2?.

Check out the music video below!


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