July 28, 2014


Jun 8, 2014 0

In the past 2 years, KCON has brought opportunities for fans to meet, mingle, and be mesmerized by food, idols, and entertainment for one lucky weekend out of the year. This year, KCON’14 will be a whole weekend affair, consisting of not one, but two nights of concerts. “For two ...

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KCON Announces Girls’ Generation and BTS for KCON 2014

May 22, 2014 0

After continuously hinting about this year’s amazing line-up, KCON revealed K-Pop queens Girls’ Generation and “Rookie-dols” (rookie idols) BTS as the first batch of confirmed artists! The sudden and unexpected announcement caused quite a stir on all social media platforms as Sones and A.R.M.Ys went ballistic.  North America’s largest “All ...

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BTS Reveal ‘Boy In Luv’ Music Video

Feb 11, 2014 0

BTS are rearing to go for their comeback, having earlier released the full music video for ‘Boy In Luv’, title track for their 2nd mini album ‘Skool Luv Affair’. Make sure to watch the video below: The video follows the boys as they all pursue the same new girl at ...

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BTS Reveal “School Luv Affair” Individual Teasers

Feb 4, 2014 0

BTS have released individual teasers for their upcoming mini-album “School Luv Affair”. The solo teaser follow the group teaser that was release earlier on. The teasers were released by Big Hit Entertainment for all the members: Jong Kook Jin, Jimin J-Hope, Rap Monster V and Suga. BTS are planning to ...

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BTS Retaliates in “N.O” MV

Sep 11, 2013 0

BTS has finally made their comeback with the release of the full music video for “N.O“. In the music video, the boys are depicted as students being “brainwashed” by the education system.  No longer able to take it, BTS rebels against the dictator-like teacher and takes over the classroom. Like ...

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BTS Releases “N.O” Teaser #2

Sep 9, 2013 0

With only two days away until their comeback, BTS revealed a second teaser of their upcoming music video for “N.O“. In the first teaser, the boys were rebelling against the strict confines of a classroom. Now, the boys are sporting their all-white outfits (seen in their concept photos) while breaking ...

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BTS Releases ‘O! RUL8,2?’ Album Preview

Sep 8, 2013 0

BTS‘ preview for their upcoming mini-album, O! RUL8,2?, has been released! The video leaked snippits of eight of the ten tracks on the album (the remaining two consist of a skit and cypher.) Unlike their predominant hip-hop concept in their 2 KOOL 4 SKOOL album, O! RUL8,2? consists of a wide-range ...

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BTS Are Rebellious Students in “N.O” MV Teaser

Sep 6, 2013 0

Bangtan Boys (a.k.a. BTS) have been hyping up their comeback by releasing numerous teaser trailers and photos. Now, BTS has released their music video teaser for “N.O“. In the teaser, the boys adorned bleak school uniforms and are being being forced-fed information by a dictator-like teacher. With their music, Bangtan ...

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BTS Reveals ‘O! R U L8, 2?’ Album Track List

Sep 1, 2013 0

BTS have been teasing a comeback over the past couple of weeks now, revealing a trailer and a teaser image for “O R U L8, 2 (Oh, Are You Late Too?)”. Now the boys have released the track list for their upcoming album. The track list was revealed on the ...

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BTS’ “O! RUL8, 2?” Concept Photos Revealed

Aug 29, 2013 0

After releasing their 3D comeback trailer and mysterious countdown, BTS continues to tease eager fans by releasing their concept photos for “O RUL8, 2?”! BTS shed their all black ensembles seen in “No More Dream” and “We Are Bulletproof Pt.2” for pure white clothing accented with gold accessories.  With a ...

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BTS Releases “O! RUL8, 2?” Comeback Trailer & Mysterious Countdown?

Aug 28, 2013 0

It has only been a month since rookie group BTS (also known as Bangtan Boys) promoted their second single,”We Are Bulletproof Pt.2“.  Now, the boys are ready to take the stage with their upcoming track, “O, RUL8, 2?” Big Hit Entertainment recently uploaded BTS’ epic comeback trailer which featured a ...

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Infinite’s U.S. Adventures in “Destiny” MV Making

Jul 17, 2013 0

In order to film the amazing “Destiny” music video, Infinite spent ten days in the U.S. and worked with Hollywood’s best to produce the high quality video.  They were there for work, however, that doesn’t mean they didn’t have time to explore! Infinite spent majority of their stay in Los Angeles.  When they ...

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