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May 26, 2013

Could EXO’s Kris Have Been Close to Leaving the Group?

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Written by: Jeremy
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EXO‘s Kris has been at the centre of a rumour mill after Entertainment Radar reported that he made an unscheduled trip back home to Canada.

Entertainment Radar reported:

Leader ‘G’ of a popular male idol group known for their powerful stage performances was recently found to have left the group momentarily after declaring that he “could not promote in a group any longer.” The company went through quite some trials to persuade him to come back. Although the reason for his abrupt leave is unknown, the majority of industry insiders say, “G seems to have gone through a crisis after realizing that the reality of idol life is different from what he had dreamt of. Unlike the situation several years ago, idol groups haven’t been receiving the same attention, which we believe played a part in G’s decision.” Representatives of the agency could’ve given up on G but felt that his skills and talents were too good to waste and did everything they could to persuade him to come back to the group.

Comments began to flood in with one saying, “EXO-M’s leader Kris is a Chinese Canadian and he randomly went on hiatus to Canada without consulting anyone, which made the group delay their March comeback The rest of the members practiced without Kris while he was gone. SM then persuaded him to finally come back which is how EXO Is finally making their comeback”

There is still yet to be confirmation from SM Entertainment on this issue, but it is unlikely that SM will get involved on the issue.

EXO are due to make their comeback on May 30.

Sources :

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