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September 21, 2012

CNBLUE Receive Warm Reception in Heathrow Ahead of Their First London Concert

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Written by: Jeremy
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Three CNBLUE members have arrived in London while Lee Jung Shin will join the group later as he is still filming his drama.

CNBLUE announced on Twitter that when they were leaving for London, but were not expecting the massive reception at Heathrow.

Fans filled the terminal, with organisers finding it hard to get the group out to their waiting cars.

Someone working on the management team said, “An hour before CN Blue’s arrival, there were only 50 fans, which suddenly exploded into 400 when CN Blue’s plane landed.”

CNBLUE expressed their shock at the warm reception from London fans, “We were very thankful and happy, but honestly a bit confused. We never expected this kind of welcome.”

CNBLUE will be performing at the Indig02 arena in London on September 22.

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