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January 2, 2013

4Minute Sends Fans New Years Greetings!

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Written by: Lei-Mei


With the new beginning of 2013, 4Minute has taken to greeting their fans for the new year with a video message, uploaded to their United CUBE YouTube channel. Watch the message below:

In the video, the girls express how it has finally reached 2013, giving the impression that it has been long awaited. The youngest member, Sohyun seems to have the most fun throughout the message, shyly performing a very small part from their ‘Volume Up’ choreography, which causes laughter from the other members. Fans can also expect new releases from 4Minute soon, in particular from their sub-unit ‘Double Yoon’, formed by members Jiyoon and Gayoon!

Are you looking forward to 4Minute’s activities this year?



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